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Seiko, a pioneer in the world of timekeeping, made history with its inaugural diver’s watch in 1965. Since then, the brand has continuously pushed the boundaries of watchmaking technology, refining and enhancing its professional diver’s watches. One iconic milestone in this journey was the 1970 “Second Diver,” renowned for its safety-oriented design. Today, Seiko Luxe proudly reimagines this classic, combining contemporary styling and cutting-edge technology while preserving the distinctive case shape and crown protector.

A Legacy of Innovation

Seiko’s legacy of innovation dates back to 1959 when they introduced their first sports watch. In 1965, they launched their first diver’s watch, setting the standard for adventurers and explorers worldwide. Prospex, Seiko’s line dedicated to honoring this heritage, recreates and reinterprets iconic models while continuously pushing the boundaries of design and technology.

Dedication to Excellence
With a rich tradition of technological achievement, Seiko Prospex remains the benchmark for high-intensity timekeeping excellence. Their commitment extends beyond performance to environmental protection. Prospex partners with leading conservation organizations and intrepid adventurers, spearheading initiatives like the “Save the Ocean” campaign, which features watches inspired by polar landscapes and the deep marine world.

Spring Drive Technology

The Seiko Spring Drive represents a dream turned into reality. Conceived in 1977 by Seiko engineer Yoshikazu Akahane, it took 28 years of relentless innovation and over 600 prototypes to bring it to life in 2005. This groundbreaking technology combines the precision of a mechanical movement with a quartz regulator. The tri-synchro regulator uses electromagnetic energy to transmit power, control speed, and generate electricity, resulting in enhanced stability, durability, and precision. With a power reserve of up to 72 hours, Seiko Spring Drive watches are the perfect choice for high-intensity timekeeping, proven by their use in space and atop Mount Everest.

Seiko Luxe Collection is a testament to Seiko’s unwavering commitment to crafting watches that combine innovation, precision, and sophistication.

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