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Caro74 Engagement Ring With Side Stones in 14K Yellow and White Gold (1ct. tw.) (HCR570YWJ)Whether you own a gold wedding band or engagement ring, bracelet or necklace, this metal is highly regarded for its beauty and luxury. Particularly in its purist 24K form, gold is rather malleable. Alloys in 10K, 14K and 18K formulations improve durability but that doesn’t mean gold is indestructible.

Negligent care can result in scratches, discoloration and tarnishing. Regular cleanings each week can help keep up the appearance of gold jewelry. Consider the following points.

How Gold Can Be Damaged

On a daily basis, your jewelry is exposed to dust, oils from your skin, sweat and food. All of these small particles can accumulate on the surface or get embedded between crevices.

Gold’s softness makes it more susceptible to scratches and damage from certain substances. As such, always take your gold jewelry off:

  • If you play sports or do another kind of physical activity
  • Before washing your hands, showering or doing the dishes
  • Before you go swimming, as chlorine is known to weaken gold
  • If you plan to use a harsh or abrasive cleaner to clean the house
  • After you’ve finished putting on makeup in the morning

Additionally, take care whenever you’re around hard surfaces or anything with an edge. Accidentally bumping your jewelry against the surface could result in scratches or dents.

Cleaning Gold Jewelry

Based on these points, never wash your gold jewelry using just any soap. A gentler, fragrance-free dish soap is an option, as is soaking it in vinegar. Have a cloth ready for drying, rather than using paper towels, which could result in micro-scratches on the surface.

To start the cleaning process:

  1. Create a solution with dish soap and warm water, then let your gold jewelry soak for up to three hours. If using vinegar in place of soap, have the jewelry soak for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Follow this by cleaning the surface with a soft brush to dislodge all buildup, then rinse the piece under clean, lukewarm water.
  3. Dry the jewelry by blotting the surface and interior with the soft cloth.
  4. Let the piece fully dry before wearing it again.

Repeat this process once per week to get rid of any buildup. Additionally, to preserve the shine of your gold jewelry, use a polishing cloth or light mix of vinegar and baking soda before washing the jewelry off with warm water.

Beyond weekly cleanings, continue to look for scratches and loose stones, as these will require professional repairs. Even if your jewelry doesn’t have any scratches, take it to a professional once a year to have it buffed, steamed and examined for any repairs.

Proper Storage

To further avoid any scratches or damage, consider how you store your gold jewelry. Ideally, all pieces should be kept in a fabric-lined jewelry box, with each piece stored separately and away from other metals. If you don’t own a jewelry box, consider wrapping each piece in a separate soft cloth.
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