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sapphire necklaceDid you know sapphire, the birthstone for September, is one of the hardest gemstones besides diamond? A symbol of peace and tranquility, it’s durability makes sapphire is a great complement for engagement jewelry. Sapphire is typically colored blue, although other shades exist; “fancy” varieties include yellow, purple, orange and green.

In this post, we offer 4 tips on how to accessorize with blue sapphire jewelry this fall.

Choose Your Metal

The good news is that sapphire pairs well with both gold and silver, the two main metals used in modern jewelry design, so you do not have to pick favorites. Your choice will ultimately depend on what your outfit looks like. For instance, if you plan to wear pink or yellow, gold tends to be a more attractive complement than silver.

Keep Style Basic

Black matches everything, therefore it’s a no-brainer to pair sapphire jewelry with a little black dress, pair of jeans or a leather jacket atop a black blouse. Vibrant blue will be the eye-catching detail of your ensemble, so be sure to choose bold statement jewelry.

Complementary Colors

On the color wheel, the hue directly opposite of another is its complement. What exactly is a complementary color? Shades that produce a gray-scale color when combined. When placed next to each other, complementary colors create a contrast that is often highly fashionable. Coral orange and sapphire blue is a striking combination for your next night on the town.

Be Bright

People often fall into a rut of wearing dark colors in the colder months. Sapphire jewelry is an accessory that almost begs to be paired with other bright colors. Celebrate vibrancy this fall with a sapphire blue and green color combination that will have you turning heads left and right, whether it’s at a job interview or on date night.

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