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How to Tell If Pearls Are Real or Fake

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Pearl jewelry exudes timeless elegance. Many women are thrilled to receive a pearl bracelet or a pair of pearl earrings for their pure beauty and sophistication. Yet, if you find a pearl gift in your stocking this year, how can you tell if the gems are real or fake?

There Should Be Imperfections

A pearl is formed when sand becomes lodged in an oyster shell and the grains are covered in a substance called “nacre” – a composite material from the inner oyster shell. Considering the way pearls come to be, you should not expect real pearls to be all one size or completely round. 

When shopping for pearl jewelry, you might see a tag marked “cultured” – these are real pearls. When the natural formation process is mimicked by pearl farmers, the pearls are more perfectly shaped. 

The Appearance Is Lustrous

Luster is defined as a gentle sheen or soft glow that is reflective. Real pearls have a striking luster that is bright and clear. Oftentimes, the observer can see him or herself in the surface! Pearl jewelry is sought after for its vibrant luster and outstanding reflection of light, versus a pale or dull imitation pearl.

Cool to the Touch

Determining if your pearls are real or fake could be as simple as touching them! Despite the temperature outside, real pearls will feel cool. Fake or plastic pearl beads typically feel warm in your hands. Imitation pearls also tend to be heavier than real pearls, so try a comparison with pearl jewelry you know to be real or fake.

Fake Pearls Are Pure White

Typically, fake pearls cannot imitate the natural overtone of the real thing. Actual pearls have a subtle color on their outer surface – usually silver or rose. If you’re gifted vintage pearls, you’ll notice an ivory overtone; simulation pearls simply lack this visible hint of color.

Seller’s Disclosure Requirement

Perhaps the most important factor to note, the type of pearl must be disclosed at the time of purchase. So, you should know if the pearls are genuine or fake from the beginning. However, if you are unsure, bring the pearl jewelry to one of our stores for an evaluation.

Give the gift of classic pearls this holiday season! To shop the area’s largest selection of loose diamonds and fine jewelry, visit one of our six convenient CT locations today.

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