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The Best Gifts for Every Occasion

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No matter the event or reason to give a “just because” gift, jewelry is a symbolic and beautiful present. Certain pieces can become so special that they are passed down in a family from generation to generation. If you want to be a great gift giver, follow this guide of our top jewelry picks by occasion.


An anniversary, whether in a personal relationship or workplace setting, is a special milestone that should be celebrated with a thoughtful gift. For wedding anniversaries, there are go-to presents for each new year together. For instance, silver for your 25th and pearl for your 30th anniversaries. 

When another annual celebration comes along, consider a ring or necklace that is engraved with a special message commemorating the occasion.


Birthstone jewelry is one of the most meaningful gifts to celebrate someone's birthday. It represents your birth month and can be made uniquely yours with other gemstones and personal touches like charms. 

If you know someone with a May birthday who also loves blue, choose an emerald and sapphire bracelet. For the special person in your life born in February who loves soccer, how about a Pandora bracelet with an amethyst and soccer ball charm to start their own bangle?

Christmas and Hanukkah

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! The holiday season is a time to show your loved ones just how much you care with a personalized gift. While your wife may love a sparkling diamond pendant, your father may prefer a pair of sophisticated cuff links to wear for special occasions. 

Shopping for someone younger? You cannot go wrong with a girl’s first pair of diamond studs or a boy’s first timeless analog watch.

Mother's or Father's Day

Our parents have made many sacrifices for us, from putting their careers on hold to paying for our college tuition. The least we can do is give them a gift that shows our appreciation on the one day a year designated for them. 

For mom, anything that ties the family together is sure to bring a smile to her face. Consider a pendant that has all the kid’s birthstones or heart necklace. For dad, a classic watch never goes out of style.

Valentine’s Day

Show your significant other the love you feel with a breathtaking piece of jewelry. All couples are different, so choose something unique to your relationship. Whether that involves diamonds, hearts, colored gemstones or basic silver and gold, we have an array of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches for you to choose from.

To find the perfect present that truly means something to the recipient, visit our six convenient Connecticut locations today to shop the largest selection of loose diamonds in New England and so much more.

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